Credo Calculator - Privacy Policy

Rev 1.1

What data we collect / What we do with your data

For the purposes of confirming that your license is only active on one computer, we securely collect and store your device's MAC address and hostname. This is only used when a device attempts to use your license key, and that device’s ID is checked against the one stored in the cloud. If they match, great! If not, the request will be rejected. Also, Internet Protocol Addresses are collected so we can see irregular patterns that may resemble someone trying to hack our infrastructure… before anything bad happens. This helps keep Credo Calculator up and ready for everyone!

Additionally, our cloud translation services log what text is translated, along with the devices Internet Protocol Address, to protect our systems from abuse and so that we can review translations that may have resulted in errors, so we can improve the service in the future.

And finally, Cloudflare Web Analytics provides anonymized statistics for our homepage,, including information like how many times the page was viewed.

Who we share your data with

We’ll keep this brief: your data is never shared with any 3rd party. We use AWS for our cloud infrastructure, and that is completely locked down and secure. The data we collect is only used to make our services possible, such as license activation, error reporting, etc; to protect the integrity of our services, and keep it up and running for everyone; and to help us help you, by reviewing translation attempts and building our artificial intelligence to do your homework-I mean-latin translations accurately and efficiently. Additionally, Cloudflare provided completely anonymous analytics for our website (see above).

How to have your data deleted

If you no longer wish to use Credo Calculator and have your data stored with us, email us at [email protected]. Note that this will delete your license key as well, due to the insecure nature of leaving inactive license keys available, meaning you will no longer be able to activate Credo Calculator with your key.