The Best App for People forced to take Latin I


Works on All Major OSes

Credo Calculator supports Windows, MacOS1, and Linux2


Built off of our proprietary database layer and the Google Cloud API, you can rest assured that your classic texts will be understandable by humans!

Easy to Use

Just open the app, type in your homework question perfectly honest query, hit translate, and watch the magic happen!


Whether you chose the light side or dark side of the force, we have the app for you; with dark mode and more now available in settings!

Meet the Developers...

Jack Hubbard

Programmer, Web Design, Server Stuff

Darrin Haase

Programmer, GUI, Game Development3

And a special thanks to our beta testers...

  • Jonathan Brockhoff
  • Isaac U.
  • TwinScarecrow

Sounds Good to You?